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The CoBlo™ is a HIT!

Product Update

The CoBlo™ Coupler Blow Gun has been selling out! Sales have been better than expected, so keep up the good work. The CoBlo™ is now available in industrial interchange (15CBG4F-DPB) automotive interchange (14CBG4F-DPB) and ARO interchange (16CBG4F-DPB) -- all feature 1/4" body with 1/4" Female NPT. These are all available in Display Poly Bags and Bulk 24-Packs.

COMING SOON... We will also have the CoBlo™ available in our high volume Megaflow™ interchange.

For more information about the CoBlo™, contact our Customer Service Department at 732-390-8480.

Watch our short video about the CoBlo™ Coupler Blow Gun, using the link below. Order yours today!

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